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Despite the hype, social media still a low priority for SMBs

It might feel as if all you ever hear about is the importance of using social media, but according to Reckon's Gerald Chait, the number of businesses actually using social media doesn't match the hype surrounding these digital worlds. Does this mean it's not right for every business?

What social media platforms are right for you?

Catriona Pollard blogs about choosing the right social media platform to deliver results for your business. "In order to achieve certain goals you may have to adopt several forms of social media platforms. If you take the time to choose the right ones for you, and devote enough time to them, you will find that in the end the benefits and outcomes are worth it."

Is social media outsourcing a good idea?

Catriona Pollard looks at whether you should outsource your next social media campaign. "Using experts means you'll be keeping up to date with the latest in social media..."

Your business will struggle without a listening post

Catriona Pollard blogs about using social media as a listening post for your business. "A common error organisations make is assuming social media is where people go to share photos of their breakfast..."

Tell people who you are on social media

Catriona Pollard blogs about ensuring your customers know about your social media presence. "Once you set up your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, what do you do? Tell people about it! Shout it from the rooftops."

‘The beating heart of communities’: Why small businesses are culturally essential

A new study has been released highlighting the essential role small businesses play in shaping communities, with Australian consumers revealing their affection...

The Changing Face of e-commerce in China

While China offers Australian exporters unprecedented opportunity in terms of potential customers, entering the market doesn’t come without risk. One cost-effective way for...

Tech creators describe Prime Minister’s digital strategy as ‘paradoxical’

The Prime Minister has encouraged businesses to “be the best at adopting” technology but has cautioned against becoming “one big Silicon Valley.”...

Small businesses to be disproportionately impacted by reduced exports to China

Small Australian businesses will be hurt the most if trade relations between China and Australia falter. While large companies...

How focusing on a unique part of the problem led to 13,361 per cent growth: With You With Me

With You With Me (WYWM) is a workforce technology platform that helps upskill veterans through training, education and recruitment. In 2019, WYWM...

Rural small businesses given boost through PayPal and Buy From the Bush ecommerce platform

Paypal and Buy From the Bush (BFTB) have launched an online marketplace for rural small businesses to expand their reach through ecommerce.

‘Young people have been disproportionately affected’: Taj Pabari

Taj Pabari is the CEO of the Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE), was named the Australian Young Innovator of the Year in...

Let’s Talk: Success Secrets

Success looks different for each business. There is a huge variety in the business models that we hold up as success stories....