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Six hidden cashflow traps for growing businesses

It's an unfortunate fact that many otherwise promising businesses fail in the early stages due to cashflow problems. When it comes down to it, cashflow is mainly about people and systems - get those two elements right, and your business could be on track for a much smoother ride.

Six popular VoIP myths, busted

If you want the cost savings and flexibility offered by VoIP but have been put off by talk of bad call quality or unreliable service, this myth-busting list is for you.

The business benefits of an intuitive procurement process

If all an employee wants to do is order some paper for the photocopying machine, the process to do this should be easy and intuitive. Unfortunately, most businesses don't succeed at this. But, if you make your procurement process as simple as Amazon and eBay do, staff won’t bypass your systems – they’ll embrace them.

Green your office: Five tips for how to print less

You might see printing as just a simple business process, not one worth spending a huge amount of time on. But if you consider how often a printer is used and how reliant your employees are on printing, you'll quickly realise with this simple process, often comes with a hefty price tag.

Taking the pain out of expense management

Managing expense claims doesn’t have to be a headache. By keeping in mind a few important factors, it’s possible to set up an expense management system that makes the process simple.

Using business intelligence to make innovative decisions

Too many people focus on a problem rather than focusing on the end result. This is where a business intelligence solution comes in - by having the right information easily accessible businesses can make informed and innovative decisions.

Why VoIP is an investment in effective communication

VoIP may not be as current a topic as social media or mobile communications but it should be taken seriously by small business owners as a reliable tool to help with growth. Here's how it could work for your business.

Switching to a better deal in the new financial year

For businesses, the new financial year can be the natural time to review services, service providers and systems and processes. We asked a variety of experts for their advice for making the right switch in the 2012/13 financial year.

Need a holiday? Four steps to a business that thrives without you

If your operation falls to pieces when you're not there, you're doing something wrong. Use these tips to create a sustainable system.

How to know when to invest in new business systems

Your business is growing. As you expand your product range, with this growth comes more employees, more data transactions and more historical information to store. There is more weight on the decisions you make, and you need to be more responsive than ever before. This is when you need to make some important decisions about some new systems for your business.

Meet the woman behind the digital support network for regional businesses

Jordana Edwards has lived in Pottsville in regional New South Wales for the last 15 years. The town of just 6000 people...

Helping Australian businesses through COVID-19

As we continue to navigate the impacts of the global pandemic, Export Finance Australia is supporting Australian businesses with access to finance.  Without a doubt, new...

“Innovate or perish”: Martin Duursma

Martin Duursma is a Partner at Main Sequence Ventures. Prior to Main Sequence Ventures, Martin co-founded Datapac Australasia and then went on...

“We have to be bold and visionary”: Sally-Ann Williams

Sally-Ann Williams is the CEO of Cicada Innovations, one of Australia's leading deep tech incubators. Before joining Cicada, Sally-Ann was an Executive...

Navigating the 2020-21 Budget: Top tips for businesses

Business investment is a key theme in the 2020-21 Budget. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced tax changes that are a “game changer” in...

Has the Budget delivered for small businesses?

Guest authored by Sam Allert, CEO of Reckon With 23 per cent of small businesses concerned they won't exist...

What the Budget means for startups

In what is being dubbed the "jobs budget" the 2020-21 Budget was the opportunity for the Morrison Government to lay out the...

Government backflips on RDTI cuts with a $2 billion boost

Last night, the Government announced a $2 billion investment into Research & Development Tax Incentives (RDTIs), scrapping a previously proposed $1.8 billion...