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Cloud accounting and business advice lead to success

Two years ago, cloud accounting was still very new to many accountants and most didn’t even know that it existed.

Floating on a cloud: are you at risk of falling through?

Cloud computing may be the hottest thing in data storage right now, but new research reveals some companies are setting themselves up to fail.

Avoiding pitfalls on the productivity path to the cloud

Cloud providers can offer more flexible services at a cheaper price than most enterprises can achieve by amortising their equipment and maintenance costs over a large number of customers.

Cloud gives SMEs new possibilities for growth

Today’s customers expect to engage with brands on their terms: they want to call their bank, write on their mobile service provider’s Facebook wall and SMS their insurance company when it suits them.

Making the Cloud work for your business

One strategy doesn't fit all. Here are seven areas in which cloud computing can benefit both your customers and your profits.

How Cloud empowers SMBs

This is the decade of The Cloud. Cloud is the most transformational force shaping business today. It breaks down geographic barriers and allows every small business to address a much larger market and become a multinational.

Is Apple’s iPad Mini worth it?

Apple just announced its latest tablet. Here, we break down what to consider before you buy.

5 ways to better use the cloud

Many small business aren't making the most of the cloud due to a lack of knowledge and concerns around the security of data, in response to this MYOB has put together a list of the top 5 ways businesses can make better use of the technology.

Apple reveals much-anticipated iPad Mini

In a long expected but surprise announcement, Apple has unveiled its new design for the iPad Mini. The new device is 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than the regular iPad with a 7.9 inch screen.

3 essential tools for time management

Admit it, we all have those days when it’s a struggle to focus on the task at hand, and you feel like you spend all day trying to switch between tasks and end up achieving nothing. If you need a little help with keeping on track, these 3 tools are for you.