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How businesses can lower data security risks in hybrid working environments

Hybrid working has not only changed the way employees and businesses operate, it has major implications on the security dynamic...

Global Microsoft cyber attack leaves Australian businesses vulnerable

The global cyber attack Microsoft shed light on last week has hit tens of thousands of businesses – and Australia’s feeling the brunt of it as well.

Help! My bank account’s been cleaned out by another ‘me’

Mistaken identity is a perennial movie plot. Who can forget the classic suspense flick, North by Northwest which has ad man Cary Grant on the...

Protect your data and reputation in five steps

Protecting customer and company data is a major concern facing Australian businesses today. No doubt this business dilemma has been intensified by the rise...

Top cybersecurity trends making an impact in the financial services industry in 2016

During 2015, a number of financial institutions across the world continued to be targets for cybercriminals looking to maximise their efforts. In fact, the...

Cyber Insurance: the cost of not getting it

When it comes to thinking about cyber attacks many small businesses believe that it won’t happen to me.  After all I am just a...

Apple cleans up after largest attack on App Store in China

In its first large-scale attack on its App Store, Apple is taking steps to remove malicious codes added to iPhone and iPad programs commonly...

SMEs and the Global Cyber-highway

“Just as you would insure your company car to protect against unforeseen events while driving on the road, so too should you insure your business against unforeseen events on the global cyber-highway.”

‘Tis the season to be tax scam savvy: Eight tips

The tax return season is almost upon us and experts are warning SMBs to be wary of online scams masked as tax related services by the hackers who are offering them.

Beware: Six stages of malicious cyber crime attacks

Online security is no longer a simple matter of patching software and keeping your anti-virus solution up-to-date. To put an effective IT security solution in place and secure your business data, you need to have a basic understanding of the six stages of today's malicious cyber attacks.