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Is your business analysing the rise in data to better understand customers?

Is your company collecting data that helps you understand your customers better and putting it to use when you engage with them? If not, you’re behind the eight ball...

Businesses gravitate towards innovation; customers want data protection: Mastercard & HBR Report

75 per cent of executives view customer insight as a vehicle for innovation.

How businesses can lower data security risks in hybrid working environments

Hybrid working has not only changed the way employees and businesses operate, it has major implications on the security dynamic...

Is your business ready for a data breach? Here’s what you should know

Hacking and data breaches have become increasingly common for business owners and leaders. Here's what you need to know...

Getting smarter: why it pays to protect yourself and your data online in 2019

Once upon a time, it was the stuff of espionage and thriller films – a la Tron, Enemy of the State and The Bourne...

Containerisation: A strategic approach to BYOD

A few years ago, companies provided employees with mobile devices for official use so that they could monitor and control any sensitive company information...

The rise of visual hackers: Are you vulnerable?

We have all heard of ‘hacking’, but what about ‘visual hacking’? When we think of hackers we imagine a web savvy individual, breaking passwords...

The value of being encrypted

With high profile security breaches such as the iCloud and Sony hacks hitting the headlines last year, the concern for the security of our own personal information and sensitive data continues to mount as we await the next high profile attack.

Modern data protection for SMBs

According to Gartner, two out of five businesses disappear within five years if they suffer a major IT outage.

Prudent small business IT planning for uncertain times

The end of financial year is not far away and for most businesses, it's a time for planning. This year the task is complicated by the business environment: it's a difficult one to predict and this makes it hard to put together a realistic IT plan.