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Australian business urged to capitalise on culture

When the topic of diversity in the workplace arises, gender is often a hot topic in the discussion.

Harmony Day kicks off to promote diversity in the workplace

Businesses around the country are celebrating Harmony Day today, an event designed to eliminate racial discrimination in the workplace and promote diversity by breaking down cultural barriers

How to get the most out of a flexible workforce

Flexibility in the workplace optimises resources, improves productivity and boosts sustainability, according to a new report by the Diversity Council Australia (DCA), but many businesses continue to see flexibility as special treatment rather than a tool for success.

Do you support the sexual orientation of your employees?

It’s important LGBT employees feel comfortable revealing their sexual orientation at work, according to Diversity Council Australia, for their own mental health and the general health of a business.

Bullying costing business up to $36b per annum

The tragic suicide of Brodie Panlock, whose death was linked to extreme workplace bullying, has resulted in changes to the law classifying bullying as a criminal offense in Victoria, with prison terms of up to 10 years. These legislative changes also have wide-ranging implications for business owners.

Social media encourages workplace diversity

Social media users are a diversity asset to businesses, according to Nareen Young, CEO of Diversity Council Australia (DCA). She said that while there were risks in allowing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in the workplace, with sensible risk management policies this connectivity could be beneficial.

Australians demand flexibility in the workplace

Australian companies need to implement a more balanced working environment in order to keep staff satisfied, a new study has found.