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More savings but more debt for Gen Y

Generation Y has excellent saving skills but more debt than ever before, according to new research by REST Industry Super.

Coffee entrepreneur shares success with Griffith Business School students

Phillip Di Bella, founder of Di Bella Coffee, has been named an Adjunct Professor of Griffith Business School. The commerce graduate will share the secrets of his success with students by teaching entrepreneurship.

Prospective franchisees urged to do their homework first

If you’re thinking about a new franchise opportunity in 2011, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission suggests prospective franchisees make the most of opportunities to learn about the business model.

MBA course offered through Facebook – for free

London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) will offer MBA course material free online through Facebook, only charging if you choose to sit exams to gain your formal accreditation.

DRPR launches PR Mentor for small business

Sydney-based PR agency Dennis Rutzou Public Relations (DRPR) is launching a new training and mentoring program for small businesses, PR Mentor, to kick off on Friday, 17 September.

Powerhouse Museum: Concept to Reality – The Design Journey

Business are invited to participate in a free seminar and consultation sessions run by the NSW innovation Advisory Service at the Powerhouse Museum next Tuesday and Wednesday.

MLC to run “fee for advice” transition workshops in August

National Australia Bank's MLC will run a series of 'fee for advice' transition workshops nationwide after the success of their earlier events in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Agresso wins $7m deal with QLD Govt for OneSchool App

Agresso has signed a landmark education sector deal with the Queensland Government - Department of Education and Training worth $7 million.

New ISO 9001 for Small Businesses handbook released

The International Organization for Standardization has released a new edition of ISO 9001 for Small Businesses. The new edition of the popular handbook has been updated to include changes to ISO 9001 published in 2008. The handbook is the third edition in a series that helps small businesses understand and implement the ISO standard for quality management systems.

How to Become a Better Leader……anyone can do it!

One of the most important roles a business owner can play is that of a leader. Yet it is one of the roles that as a business coach I hear many business owners say they are not good at, don’t believe they can do or just don’t want to do.

What You Need to Know about Responsible Disclosure

A Chief Information Security Officer reduces the risk of a security incident, protects digital assets and personal data - and many find it impossible to scale security with internal resources alone...

Let’s Talk: The end of JobKeeper and what it could mean for your business

With JobKeeper payments now reduced and the end of the scheme looming, Let's Talk about what it can mean for businesses...

Apple releases new warnings about iPhone 12 and medical devices

The tech giant is warning of the risks associated with the magnets and electromagnetic fields...

Returning to your business after an absence

If you've had an extended absence from work, developing a personalised ‘return to work’ plan gives you a sense of control over your hours, duties and the support will best meet your needs.

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine receives approval in Australia

The vaccine, which has been approved for individuals 16 years of age and older, is currently expected to begin a rollout in late February.

Google and Facebook challenge news bargaining code in Senate inquiry

Facebook and Google took Australian media head-on in a Senate inquiry by Australia’s competition watchdog on Friday, 22nd January.

President Biden vows to unify a deeply divided nation

Joe Biden called for unity and an end to misinformation as he was sworn in as the 46th President of the United...

What’s your plan if you need time off work?

Sickness, injury and other life events that require extended time off work can happen at any time. When you own a business...