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Award winning lawyer, entrepreneur & author to speak at TEDx in the Whitsundays

Sarah Bartholomeusz, Adelaide lawyer, entrepreneur and author of How to Avoid a Fall from Grace: Legal Lessons for Directors, believes nothing is impossible, even though it...

Karen Gee: Fashioning success and inspiring entrepreneurs

A mother of five and former Mrs Australia Globe, Karen has made a name for herself as not only a successful entrepreneur, taking her self-titled fashion label to towering success in just two short years, but as a philanthropist aiming to instill the drive in others to reach the business success they so desire.

Avoiding the 7 deadly entrepreneurial sins

As humans, even entrepreneurs must avoid temptations that easily derail success. These tips help you stay on the straight and narrow path to success.

Business advice from female entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs from a variety of industries are sharing their knowledge and opinions at a roundtable this week presented by BlueChip Communications and Dynamic Business.

Six tips for making it work as a part-time entrepreneur

When starting up, easing your way into entrepreneurship can pay off down the road. Here are some ideas for making that transition bearable.

‘Failure is not trying’ and other fatherly advice to entrepreneurs

Reflections from Sara Blakely, Pete Cashmore, and Bert Jacobs on what they remember most about dad's influence.

The aussieBum making big bucks online

Your Friday Entrepreneur Fix this week features aussieBum founder Sean Ashby, who's sold his Australian-branded swimmers and underwear to over 200,000 customers around the world.

Nine qualities of amazing entrepreneurs

What separates the best from everyone else? (Hint: It's not about the money.)

The entrepreneur making shipping easy for small businesses

Mark Helvadjian saw expensive shipping costs were holding local SMBs back from competing effectively, so he sold his house and threw all his cash into establishing ShippingEasy.com, a platform designed to remove the hassles of shipping for small business.

Seven signs you’re not entrepreneur material

Finally ready to take the plunge? Don't--if any of these signs look familiar.

How to build a peer support network

As a small business owner, you don’t always have the backup of formal social supports offered by larger employers. 

Dynamic Business: Have your say about what we write, and you read

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenge for business owners. Almost overnight, businesses of all sizes were scrambling to find new customers...

Dealing with financial stress

It is common for people working in business to be concerned with or stressed about their business finances at some point.

How Australian retailers are reimagining customer experience

The customer is always right is an adage that has been driving the way we do business for years. While the concept of...

Regional company pivots to manufacture COVID-19 face masks

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc nationally and demand for safety equipment grew, Victoria’s regional medical device manufacturer Care Essentials pivoted its focus to...

Greater Sydney NYE restrictions tightened

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced a further tightening of COVID-19 restrictions for NYE as 18 new community transmissions are detected overnight.

Leverage crypto traders lose over $US13 billion in 2020

Data from cryptocurrency trading simulator Crypto Parrot has found that cryptocurrency traders on Bitfinex and BitMEX lost $US13.47 billion in 2020.

US House approves $US2,000 checks in COVID-19 stimulus bill

The US House of Representatives has approved increasing COVID-19 stimulus checks from $US600 to $US2,000, however it is still uncertain whether these...