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Managing flexible working arrangements: 4 things SMEs must understand

As the owner of an SME, it’s more important than ever in this rapidly-changing business environment to get flexible working schemes right. Compared to ten,...

Getting it right: A healthy work-life balance starts with culture

If you’re a business owner who was driven to the start-up scene by the prospect of independence and a better work-life balance, then the...

Flexible working arrangements: It’s a balancing act

Equipped with the company laptop, wifi dongle and remote network access – working from home (WFH) was once considered a special arrangement of convenience...

Making legal practice, modern practice

Lawyers accustomed to long working days might consider it a ‘good day’ if they made that 7pm dinner appointment they tentatively arranged three weeks...

How to manage requests for flexible working arrangements

As flexible working becomes a reality for many businesses around the country, SMB owners should know their legal position in regard to employee requests for changes in work arrangements.

Why business continuity plans are a must for SMBs

A global survey has found that employees are ready to embrace remote access and mobile PC solutions – so why aren't all businesses on board?

Mobility, driving the future for business

The need to find better ways of collaborating with customers and colleagues means many businesses are re-examining flexible working arrangements which increasingly include the use of mobile devices.