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We need a 150 year vision into the future or we won’t survive.

The Future is Now. As a forward-thinking leader in the global construction industry, I’m passionate about future-proofing, but I feel anxious about the future of...

Let’s Talk: Future-proofing

Dynamic Business asked founders what their businesses are doing to make sure they are future proof.

Modern Office Automation: what’s possible

'Office automation' is a term that arose in the 70s and 80s to describe the way that computers were revolutionising workplaces. These days, our computing...

Five ways to future-proof Australian workplaces

There’s no going back. From big data to big decisions, artificial intelligence and automation, to explosions in technology and in choice, Australian businesses have...

What tech experts are saying about the future

Those at the forefront of their industries often offer unique insights into what will become popular trends in the years to come. While no prediction is concrete in nature, it does help us get a better picture of where the world is heading and what our lives will be like as we use technology even more.

Australian law firms ill-prepared for the future

A new Australia-wide study has revealed Australian law firms are ill prepared for the challenges of the future – more than a third admit their business models are not fit for the demands of the years to come.

It’s time to future-proof Australian entrepreneurship

The Australian economy is at an interesting period of transition.

Take your SME into the 21st century, here’s how

Even for bricks and mortar sectors, there are still ways technology can be incorporated into the store to enhance the experience for both the consumer and employees.

The megatrends that will transform global business

New research published this month reveals the six ‘megatrends’ that are fundamentally transforming the global business environment.

Why would anyone opt for desktop accounting over cloud?

The debate may seem won, but desktop accounting software is hanging around longer than many cloud-converts would have thought.