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World’s 2nd and 3rd largest economies commit to carbon neutrality, pouring investment into renewable energy

The world’s second and third largest economies, China and Japan, have both pledged to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions, heralding an economic era...

Oz not tracking well to achieve ‘carbon budget’

According to a report commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund, Australia has already used approximately two thirds of its ‘carbon budget’ up to 2020.

What valuable resource is your business wasting?

With so much emphasis on environmental responsibility, many business owners spend money implementing sophisticated waste reduction schemes but many important resources are still overlooked.

5 simple steps to creating a zero-waste office

How eliminating waste in your office and save you money and improve your relationships with clients.

How going green can save you money

It's not just for do-gooders - sustainability saves money, too.

Online businesses to see exponential retail growth

Research jointly conducted by Google, Salmat and the Australian Centre for Retail Studies (ACRS) shows that online retailing will explode with growth this year as consumers demand multichannel sales points. Online and mobile-accessible sales channels will be the growth areas for businesses.

Daisy Dry Cleaning ‘greenest dry cleaner in the world’ opens first franchise in Australia

Daisy Dry Cleaning, the only chemical-free and carbon neutral dry cleaner in Australia, has opened its first franchised store in Greater Geelong, Victoria.

HP LaserJet printers ‘pay for themselves’ in savings

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has made a counterintuitive play with the release of their revamped range of printers, promising the printers will 'pay for themselves' in savings in paper and electricity.

Technology goes green in Australia

Technology companies are playing a big role in looking after the planet in Australia, from improving packaging to making unnecessary travel a thing of the past and cutting carbon footprints.

How to support someone who may be suicidal

Many of us will notice changes in the people around us and get the feeling that 'something is not right' or is...

‘We’re putting Wi-Fi in products that don’t exist yet’: Morse Micro

Today, being disconnected from Wi-Fi would be incapacitating for most businesses. Yet Wi-Fi is a relatively recent innovation.

Trump becomes first US President to be impeached twice

The US House of Representatives has condemned President Donald Trump on a single impeachment count of "incitement of insurrection", making him the...

How to build a peer support network

As a small business owner, you don’t always have the backup of formal social supports offered by larger employers. 

Dynamic Business: Have your say about what we write, and you read

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenge for business owners. Almost overnight, businesses of all sizes were scrambling to find new customers...

Dealing with financial stress

It is common for people working in business to be concerned with or stressed about their business finances at some point.

How Australian retailers are reimagining customer experience

The customer is always right is an adage that has been driving the way we do business for years. While the concept of...

Regional company pivots to manufacture COVID-19 face masks

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc nationally and demand for safety equipment grew, Victoria’s regional medical device manufacturer Care Essentials pivoted its focus to...