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iPhone 4S to break sales records

Analysts believe that close to 4 million iPhone 4S devices were sold around the world over the weekend, predicting the new smartphone broke the existing record for the number of Apple phones sold in a first weekend.

Optus celebrates iPhone 4S launch with reduced repayments

The iPhone 4S officially launched in Australia this morning, with Optus celebrating by detailing reduced handset repayments on its $59 cap.

iPhone 4S breaks pre-order records

Apple has revealed iPhone 4S orders have topped one million in just 24 hours, far surpassing its previous single day pre-order record of 600,000 held by the iPhone 4.

Optus to launch iPhone 4S on Friday

Optus has announced it will launch the iPhone 4S locally this Friday, offering Apple’s latest smartphone for free on plans starting at $79 per month.

Steve Jobs passes away

The tech world has gone into mourning today, after Apple confirmed the passing of Steve Jobs.

Calls made for Apple products to be priced fairly

Following Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4S yesterday, NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts is calling for the company to align the pricing of its Australian products with the strength of the local dollar.

World’s 2nd and 3rd largest economies commit to carbon neutrality, pouring investment into renewable energy

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$3.17 billion in revenue lost annually due to poor online customer service

Businesses must invest in their online customer service as COVID-19 has driven up consumer demand for more virtual support.

Let’s Talk: Diversity

Diversity in the workplace is not only a pressing social concern, but is intrinsically tied to your business model. Having policies that...

Australians have little trust in Artificial intelligence, new study shows

A new study has shown that Australians are generally unwilling to sign off on wide-spread use of Artificial intelligence (AI), with less...

ASIC’s 2021 regulatory agenda: Consumer-centric DDO and responsible lending

Earlier this week, ASIC Commissioner Sean Hughes outlined ASIC’s expectation that issuers and distributors of financial products adopt a “consumer-centric” approach when...

Meet the Australian founder using drones to plant thousands of trees a day

Dr Susan Graham is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Dendra Systems, an environmental restoration company founded in 2014. Based in...

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