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So, you’ve inherited a leadership role. What can you learn from your predecessor’s exit?

It’s January. Over the break, you discovered that your CEO or senior executives won’t be coming back after the holidays or if they are,...

Get with the times: How to manage a multigenerational workforce

It’s not uncommon these days to have a wide age gap between your employees. Many businesses these days have an employee age range which...

3 ways to streamline onboarding and ensure your new staff don’t walk out the door

One of the biggest HR issues most businesses face is attracting and retaining skilled staff. When an estimated 25 per cent of employees leave their...

Work on – not in – your business

Recently I delivered a session to a group of small businesses about how to work on the business instead of in the business.

Visualise your KPIs

Small businesses often lack the resources to manage information effectively.

How and why to set KPIs

Staff who are challenged with clear goals are logically going to be more motivated and satisfied. Learn how to set effective KPIs.

How to track your business

Brad Callaughan blogs about setting KPIs to keep track of your business success. "Think of KPIs as your new year's business resolution. You need to sit down and formulate a move forward, just like in a game of chess, you need to be formulating with your next move."