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Let’s Talk: Learning

Running a business can often feel like an uphill battle. Business leaders will be faced with challenges for which there is often no precedent....

Is podcasting the new team learning?

I’ve noticed something dramatic occurring in my field of work. As a facilitator of change for teams and individuals I used to be invited...

Beyond the ‘honeymoon’ phase: how to keep new employees motivated into the future

Employers often get the most out of their employees at the very beginning of their tenure, when the employee is keen to impress, eager...

Awarded EduTech entrepreneur Sarah Mateljan discusses juggling start-ups, volunteer work

A winner of this month’s Business News 40Under40 awards, WA solicitor and entrepreneur Sarah Mateljan spoke to Dynamic Business about creating and running two...

Why multitasking will get you nowhere and how you can better manage your workload

In this day and age, being pulled in all directions and doing a million things all at once is something to brag about. In...

The benefits of online training for your organisation and employees

The global business community is an ever-evolving environment due to the fast-paced world we live in. Keeping abreast of current technology and business practices...

Brisbane mum taking coaching industry online

A Sunshine Coast mum is taking Australia’s multi-million dollar coaching industry to the net, launching one of the world’s first e-platforms for coaches in a variety of fields.

Trends in learning for small business

The accessibility and advancement in technology is increasing the scope of learning strategies within small business. As a result, there has been a conscious shift away from traditional learning techniques that were often perceived as dull and boring.

Not down with the kids? Get up to speed, here’s how

The rapid pace of technological change can be dizzying for even the more astute business owners, but help is at hand.

Learning to code is not what you think

There’s a misnomer that haunts many adults. Not having learned the skill of playing an instrument as a kid, or learning a language, or riding a bike, or whatever it may be, precludes us from doing so as adults.