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Staff buy-in is critical to the success of an SME’s digital document management projects

Organisations planning to streamline workflows by using a digital document management system need to ensure staff are consulted throughout the deployment process. Regular communication about...

Nothing to sneeze at: eco-Warrior Ziah Lane on the success of her sustainable tissue start-up

Each year, an estimated 15 billion trees are cut down worldwide to produce paper, timber and other consumables. Terrified by the statistics, Sydney-based entrepreneur,...

Escaping the paper vortex and embracing digital tech is a sign of business maturity

The digital revolution has impacted almost every facet of our lives, from how we socialise, exercise, bank, and work. Although business is now conducted...

Make the switch: Locally made recycled paper

A new initiative is encouraging Aussie businesses to consider the sustainability of their paper and printing footprint.

The paperless office – here finally?

After a delay of some 20 years, the age of the paperless office seems at last upon us. And the gains for those organisations that adopt are great, saving time, money and the environment.