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3 ways to streamline onboarding and ensure your new staff don’t walk out the door

One of the biggest HR issues most businesses face is attracting and retaining skilled staff. When an estimated 25 per cent of employees leave their...

5 Management practices on the way out

In my mother’s day, women were expected to quit their jobs when they married. Smoking at your desk and boozy lunches were still the norm. This...

Performance reviews: survival guide for workers

For many workplaces it’s performance review time again. Done well, appraisal meetings can add a lot of value to our careers and ability thrive at work.

How to take the stress out of a performance appraisal

Performance appraisals offer significant benefits to a business by ensuring that each employee’s performance is contributing to meeting business goals and introduces a culture of responsibility, accountability and empowerment.

7 steps to better communication with employees

For many employees, performance appraisals are associated with ineffective practice and unwanted events. Here are some ideas on how you can improve the quality and outcomes of your performance and development conversations with your people.

What employees really think during reviews

Here's the psychological explanation for why most evaluations don't go the way they should.

Performance reviews: The metric you’re missing

You might be measuring your employees against every metric under the sun, but here's one you're probably forgetting.