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Employees need to be able to work remotely

Australians are working outside the office more than ever; a recent survey revealed nearly half of all Australian employees work remotely for at least...

Staff buy-in is critical to the success of an SME’s digital document management projects

Organisations planning to streamline workflows by using a digital document management system need to ensure staff are consulted throughout the deployment process. Regular communication about...

From phone to paper: Printing in a mobile world  

Widespread use of mobile devices – both at home and within the workplace – has encouraged development of another, new mobile technology: printing.

Top frustrations of Aussie business managers

Office managers and employees across Australia say their daily IT and printing frustrations lead to increased costs and decreased productivity.

Oz not tracking well to achieve ‘carbon budget’

According to a report commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund, Australia has already used approximately two thirds of its ‘carbon budget’ up to 2020.

The link between printing, productivity and people

The ways businesses produce, consume and distribute information has changed forever. Most of this has been driven by new technologies that have led to a reduction in the amount of information on paper and an increase in what is stored digitally.

Green your office: Five tips for how to print less

You might see printing as just a simple business process, not one worth spending a huge amount of time on. But if you consider how often a printer is used and how reliant your employees are on printing, you'll quickly realise with this simple process, often comes with a hefty price tag.

Is it time to reacquaint yourself with the unloved office printer?

Admit it, it’s a big grey box, you don’t particularly care much for it. Churning out proposals after presentations, the office printer is one of the most productive, yet unloved, members of your team.

7 fast facts about business printing

Did you know, that by switching from Arial font to Century Gothic, you require around 30% less printer toner?

How to tell if you are being ripped off

I recently met with a client who had been ripped off without even knowing it.