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“My trusted business connections told me I’m mad:” A charging model where honesty is the only policy

In this digital age, there are matching sites for almost anything. Whether it be for dating or for finding employment, Google will fetch back a...

Putting real estate agents ‘under the hammer’

We don’t take big decisions lightly – especially not when they involve large sums of money. Before booking a holiday, we meticulously scour reviews...

The legal industry: fast asleep while technology enables a new model for start-ups

The challenges for traditional industries are intensifying. After decades in the driving seat, technology is now striking the heart of what some industry sectors...

Making legal practice, modern practice

Lawyers accustomed to long working days might consider it a ‘good day’ if they made that 7pm dinner appointment they tentatively arranged three weeks...

How to create a strong brand for a professional services business

Creating a strong brand is becoming increasingly crucial for professional services businesses. With competition rife and many businesses struggling to find clients, those who...

Industry Action Plan targets revealed

Manufacturing, Professional Services, the Digital Economy, International Education as well as Research, Tourism and Events are the first five sectors to be targeted by the NSW Government Industry Action Plans, designed to strengthen the state economy for the future.

The fitness franchise that’s punched up during the pandemic

Boxing and strength-focused fitness franchise 12RND Fitness has 18 more locations set to launch in 2021. We chat to Co-Founder Tim West...

How to keep business costs down, while still achieving your strategic goals

Making cuts to costs that are too deep can impact employee and customer satisfaction. Don’t cut costs enough, it can embed inefficiencies into the business or threaten viability. So...

Q&A: Cybersecurity and how to lower the risk to your business

We sat down with Scott McKinnel, a manager at international cybersecurity company Tenable, to discuss the cyber threats putting businesses at risk and what can be done to crack down on these vulnerabilities.

Want to start a business? Here are 5 things you need to know

From accounting to staffing, you must consider these things before embarking on your business..

Bing at the ready: Microsoft officially supports Australia’s media code as Google eyes an exit

Microsoft is determined to play ball with the Australian Government as they eye a potential growth spurt that would come with Google leaving.

Jeff Bezos will step down as Amazon CEO

Amazon unveiled its latest earnings report today – and with it came the news that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would be stepping...

Let’s Talk: Cost cutting in business and what you can do to save

Running a business is a challenge at the best of times, but throw in a pandemic and the associated economic woes - and cost cutting has never been more important.

How Aussie businesses can boost their sale value despite the impact of COVID-19

If you think the only way to sell your business in the current environment is through a fire sale, think again. Dynamic Business explains everything you need to know about intangible assets.