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Let’s Talk: 2018

Undertake test-and-learn initiatives and dare to take risks. Map out the year's objectives. Quickly become indispensable to critical business partners. Embrace new technology (or go...

Five ways to future-proof Australian workplaces

There’s no going back. From big data to big decisions, artificial intelligence and automation, to explosions in technology and in choice, Australian businesses have...

Privacy issues driving shift away from out-of-office work

Privacy concerns among business professionals are driving a backlash against conducting work activities in out-of-office locations such as cafés, hotels and public transport, according...

The grass isn’t greener: Local growth trumps overseas markets

Right here on home soil is where the growth for Australian businesses is, a new report has found.

Oz lagging in work-life balance

New research has found that work-life balance in Australian companies has actually worsened in the last 12 months.

Government fails to meet small business demands in budget

Local small businesses have rated greater opportunities for growth, additional tax incentives and a focus on delivering flexible employment as key areas they’d liked to have seen on the 2012 budget agenda.

Businesses are cutting costs and expanding to the cloud: report

Virtual technology and pay-as-you-go business services are the key to effectively cutting business costs while simultaneously spurring growth, a new survey has revealed.

SMEs warming to flexible working

An increasing number of small and medium businesses are adopting flexible working practices, and they’re seeing rises in productivity and revenue as a result.

Work/life balance a myth according to report

Three in four Australians take work home with them and one in two put in nine hours in an average working day, according to a global study conducted by workplace solutions provider Regus.

Respect outweighs sharing in local workforce

Australian workers have ranked knowledge and skills sharing low on the priority list for a happy workplace.