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Combat showrooming and build loyalty by stealth

It’s happening in retail stores across Australia. One in four shoppers use their smartphones to check for the best online price, and even buy online, while in-store. Termed showrooming, 56 percent of shoppers in the US are predicted to partake during the Christmas shopping season, intensifying price competition. But there is a silver lining...

4 steps to developing a multichannel business

There are many aspects to consider when a business approaches multichannel retailing. Although a one-size-fits-all structure doesn’t always apply, but there are four key steps every business must follow when preparing to become a multichannel operation.

How to deliver great customer service in a multi-channel world

To deliver quality customer service, businesses must work to understand the customers’ needs, how they like to buy – in-store, online or a combination of the both – and how to accommodate these requirements. Here are some simple ways to do this effectively.

Endear customers to your business with a service point of difference

Australia is not known for it's remarkable customer service, which is why so many of us are shocked when we're greeted with some outstanding customer care. Here, MYOB's Kristy Sheppard shares a recent service experience that surprised her, and how this has endeared her to a business she wouldn't normally frequent.

Focus on customer service or fail, retail expert warns

Clothing retailers are being urged to perk up their customer service or continue to experience gloom and doom when it comes to sales. One retail expert has three pieces of service advice every store owner should live by if they want to stay in business.

How to find buyers for surplus stock

In retail, it's not uncommon to be left with surplus stock which can end up putting a strain on your profit margin. If you find yourself in this situation there's no need to worry - there are several different ways to connect with prospective surplus stock buyers and get cash back from your excess inventory.

Retailers, boost sales with these five strategies

Twenty-twelve is shaping up as another tough year for retailers, so businesses in the sector should look at implementing these five strategies now to encourage customers to buy from them more often.