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Let’s Talk: Going viral – what social media tactics can bring your business attention?

Trying to pick what social media platform is right for your business is one thing, but once you're there, what kind of activity can get your business the attention it needs?

Twitter could include an ‘Undo Tweet’ feature for paying users

This would offer up a key point of difference from the current 'Delete Tweet' function...

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The four golden rules of social media

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What you can learn about social media from Big Bird

The Sesame Street character became a social media sensation this week. Here's what entrepreneurs need to learn from the 8-foot-tall yellow bird.

Against the odds: How I fought on after the floods

Each week we’ll feature a business that’s endured an incredible challenge. Here, Amanda Foy recalls the destruction of her business at the hands of mother nature and how she managed to clear the mud and keep going.

6 ways to set communication boundaries

Thanks to the explosion of texting, instant messaging and social media, the line between communication for business and social purposes is becoming blurred. Here's how to avoid the embarrassing blunders these communication methods can cause, for the benefit of your professional image.

Tell us how you use social media

Have you started using social media for your business? How do you keep up with the changes? New research aims to highlight how SMBs are successfully employing social media to market their business.

How to make the right social media connections

As social media continues to saturate both personal and professional lives and becomes more vital to business, it’s valuable to note that it's not a popularity contest. If you're going to spend time making connections, you want to ensure they're the right ones.