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Lessons in innovation from Richard Branson

Consider Richard Branson, Apple, Samsung, Madonna and Lady Gaga. They continually top best sellers lists because they're always innovating - reinventing themselves in ways that captivate and capture their audiences. The good news is, your small business can do the same.

Learning from others to break the ‘rules’

Neil Tilley blogs about finding the inspiration to do things differently in your business. "One area SMBs can look for inspiration is businesses outside their own industry. Looking at the market leader within another industry is a great habit to get into."

Innovation 101: We don’t all have to change the world

Neil Tilly blogs about looking at innovation from a different perspective. "The problem a lot of business owners face is that too many are looking for the game-changing, billion dollar idea that will propel their business to the same heights as Apple or Google. In 99 per cent of cases this simply isn’t possible."