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Bionic Voice: Laronix’s new technology is giving people their voice back

Dr Farzaneh Ahmadi is the CEO and Founder of Laronix, an Australian stratup creating Bionic Voice: the world’s first smart, wearable (non-invasive),...

7 Things that will change the way you approach tech start-ups

When approaching a tech start-up, there are a lot of intervals where things could go terribly wrong. The most important element in the process...

The legal industry: fast asleep while technology enables a new model for start-ups

The challenges for traditional industries are intensifying. After decades in the driving seat, technology is now striking the heart of what some industry sectors...

An industry “slow to embrace technology” – until there’s a real need for a solution

"Universities will want to play a role, industries will want to play a role, start-ups will want to play a role.” These were the...

Tech leaders and start ups excited by Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister

Tech leaders have expressed new found enthusiasm and excitement following Malcolm Turnbull’s appointment to Prime Minister this week. As a founding director of Australia’s first internet...

An entrepreneur with the site stuff

Not everyone has the ability to launch an internet startup, let alone three. But Netregistry founder Larry Bloch has done just that.

Hiring right puts start-up ahead of competition

Too many start-ups discount the need to invest in quality staff early in the piece, but that’s one mistake Dave Slutzkin was determined not to make when setting up Flippa. Here’s how the start-up CEO ensured he staffed the business right, from day one.

The start-up making designers of the everyday person

Bespoke is the new black in design land, with consumers more willing than ever to spend big on products made exactly to their taste and specifications. Enter, a fast-growing start-up and its innovative digital product that’s giving people complete design control over a household product many of us take for granted.

An app-etite for new technology

In development land, apps are going off, with many an unlikely “app-preneur” making it big off the back of a wildly popular download. Now, one local start-up is bringing together all the people involved with the process to better develop and market these little goldmines.

Building an online community with no marketing dollars

Striking a balance between content creation and the evolving world of content monetisation sits AgendaCity.com, an online start-up that’s building a community around local restaurant recommendations. Here's how its founder is making waves online, despite having almost no marketing dollars in his budget.

The changes in insolvency & restructuring rules that could catch out Australian businesses

“COVID Safe Harbour” insolvency rules have been replaced by legislation that includes a new, streamlined SME restructuring process...

How businesses could be impacted by Facebook’s news ban

How can businesses pivot in response to Facebook's decision to pull news content from Australian users?

Facebook Australia bans users and publishers from posting and sharing news

Facebook has made a major move in the back and forth with the Australian Government on the proposed Media Bargaining Law. It’s also a potentially dire step by the social media giant for the many Australian publishers that use the platform.

Let’s Talk: The office vs. working from home?

Working from home is now a viable option for many businesses. So, this far into the pandemic, what do we think? Work office vs. Home? Let's talk...

Seven signs big Google news deal; ABC, Nine, Guardian reportedly circling

Seven West Media is Australia’s first large news outlet to sign a deal with Google in order to have the tech giant pay for its news content.

Donald Trump, acquitted of inciting Capitol attack, says movement has ‘only just begun’

A win for Trump. Although, the result came with the highest number of Senators to ever vote against a president from their own party.

How business crisis pressures can produce disruptive diamonds

Disruption waits for no one, especially not a pandemic. Innovative thinking should be top priority during a crisis. Read on...

Let’s Talk: What is the best social media platform for your business?

What social media platform is best for your business? Go all-out on all of them? Focus on one or two? Paid or organic approach? Let's talk...