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Tag: Work/life Balance

Aussie business owners in search of work-life balance

Almost three quarters of Aussie small business owners started their own business because they thought it would be the best way to manage a good work-life balance, a survey has found.

New tech tools help vs. hindrance

The rise of technology and other tools was meant to make running a business easier, but it seems Australian business owners are more worried than ever.

Work life balance: how to take control

Five factors that make the difference between a life of fulfillment and a life filled with regret.

Husband and wife entrepreneurs: Recipe for success or marital disaster?

Many couples go into business together thinking it'll all be smooth sailing, only to end up bickering their way through the stormy seas of business to Destination Divorce.

Supportive workplaces key to good mental health

Though Australia sits quite high in most aspects on the OECD Better Life Index, we fall in the area of work/life balance.

From risky business to hot property

Starting an organic men’s skincare line was a logical step for Paul Anderson, who had been clocking up an A-class list of clientele at his grooming salon MANKiND in Surry Hills since opening for business. It might sound like a dream run, but as Anderson explains in this interview, he couldn’t secure funding for what the banks considered an untested business concept - which meant taking the ultimate risk.

Improve productivity by getting into the right headspace

Are you one of the majority of small business owners who’d like more work/life balance? Wouldn’t we all? Read on for tips on how to use ‘the third space’ to get you there.

Why you can’t do it all

The simple rule for start-up survival is to focus on the 80/20 rule - the 20 percent of tasks that generate 80 percent of the benefit.

How the virtual world can help you run a better business

Faster online access, smarter technology, flexibility, lower overheads and improved work/life balance – these are the attractions that are shifting the dynamics of business into the virtual world.

Achieve balance by checking email just 4 times daily

Technology is well and truly taking over our ability to switch off. Winning back your work/life balance could be as simple as applying some rules around your use of technology though, and you can begin by putting a limit on how many times you check your email each day.