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Tag: Workplace flexibility

Let’s talk: Flexibility in the workplace

2020 has been a year where the discussion of workplace flexibility has been at the forefront of every company in Australia.  With what has been...

Why do only 2 per cent of female business owners earn over $1 million in revenue?

Did you know that only two per cent of female business owners exceed $1 million in revenue? As a business owner myself, when I...

Why Gemini3 received a ‘kick-start’ from St George Bank

You’ve got the idea, you’ve done the research and your plans are ready and waiting; but finding someone to invest in an untested business...

Don’t become the next forgotten brand: Why entrepreneurship matters to all companies

If there’s one thing that separates great companies from the rest of the pack, it’s that they are never afraid of change. When the...

Smart tactics for SMBs to snare the best talent

We all know people are the most important asset to a company and certainly when it comes to attracting the best, the big guns can pull out some compelling ammunition.

Call time on search for the ‘ideal worker’

Who is the proverbial ‘ideal worker’? New research tells us he is young, male and unattached – but this mentality is stifling growth opportunities for your business.

Staff seek benefits beyond FWA stipulations

Australian workers are seeking more benefits from their employers – additional leave and more flexibility are top of the list.

New bill hopes to deliver more flexibility for both genders

In a bid to advance gender equality in the local workforce, a new bill has been introduced through the House of Representatives with the intention of delivering greater workplace flexibility to both genders.

SMEs warming to flexible working

An increasing number of small and medium businesses are adopting flexible working practices, and they’re seeing rises in productivity and revenue as a result.

Customer loyalty the key to successful Christmas sales, new research finds

New research has revealed an opportunity for retailers to grow their business and create long-term relationships with customers over the Christmas season.

‘Software governs most of what a business does’: Hyperautomation in 2020

"Software has become the spinal cord of a business."  Those are the words of Appian co-founder and CEO Matt...

Deloitte Tech Fast 50 winners 2020: full list

The Deloitte Tech Fast 50 list recognises Australia's fastest growing tech companies. This year, the Fast 50 had an average growth of...

How to get your small business started online

2020 changed the way Australians live, work, and shop like never before. The COVID-19 restrictions encouraged many people once resistant to buying...

The business case for stricter data practices: Why businesses aren’t waiting for the rules to change

Consumer data privacy continues to be a hotly debated topic; especially in countries like Australia where we are yet to introduce updated...

Growing complexity in cloud architecture increases vulnerability to ransomware attacks, research says

As the need for multi-cloud adoption has increased with remote working, businesses have become more vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Meet the Aussie fintech founder who has grown his business by 4000% in 12 months

“The reality is, if you make it easy for people to buy things, more people will buy things.” Those...

How the disposable nature of tech is putting your businesses data at risk

It has become common practice for people to chase the latest technology trends. As tech becomes part of our everyday life, the...