Podcast: Listen to editor Jen Bishop talk social business

Jen recording podcast with The Social Business


By Lorna Brett

In this episode of The Social Business, Pintado and Holmes visit the Loyalty Media offices in North Sydney, to chat to Dynamic Business magazine publisher and editor Jen Bishop about her thoughts and experiences on being social in business.

Bishop talks about how she gathers content for the magazine, what social business means to her, and how important it is for businesses to engage with social media.

Listen in here.

The Social Business podcast is an idea conceived by Annalisa Holmes and Iggy Pintado. Both are experienced business leaders in Australia and lurking regulars in the social media world.

They found a gap in the podcast universe, certainly in Australia, where business –  from a social perspective – was not being explored or discussed.

If you have anything to do with business, be it small, medium or corporate you should have a listen to this series and Dynamic Business will be bringing you podcast episodes on a regular basis.

How important do you think being social in business is? Are you still struggling to use social media in your small business?

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