25 reasons to use an external agency

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By Jo Macdermott

Outsourcing your marketing or any other business activity to an agency or the like can give you instant access to a broad range of skills and expertise which can help improve the success of your marketing and help your business grow.

There are also a range of other situations that can lead businesses to turn to expert and outsourced help and here are 25 of them from a marketing perspective:

  1. You don’t have a way of measuring the results of your marketing or how much of a return on investment you are getting.
  2. You aren’t getting enough sales enquiries.
  3. When you do get sales enquiries or leads, they aren’t quite right for you.
  4. Your website isn’t getting enough traffic or generating enough leads.
  5. You’re getting leads but you aren’t managing to convert them to new customers.
  6. So far, your marketing hasn’t been getting the results you want.
  7. You need access to specialist skills like copywriting, offer orchestration or web design on a per project basis.
  8. You were perfectly able to keep up with all your marketing before, but now your business has grown and you just don’t have the time.
  9. You find online marketing overwhelming and struggle to put together a campaign.
  10. You’re competing mostly on price as you don’t know how to differentiate your business and it’s affecting your bottom line.
  11. Your marketing projects regularly run over budget and time.
  12. You need access to a variety of skills but you find the cost of an in house marketing department too high.
  13. Even though your potential clients see the value in your business, they seem to always use your competitors.
  14. You aren’t sure how to make the most of your website.
  15. Your need for marketing programs and campaigns is sporadic so you can’t justify hiring an in house marketing person.
  16. You aren’t sure who your target market is or how to reach them.
  17. There’s no procedure for following up leads.
  18. You want to retain your current database of clients and market to them but you aren’t sure how to do it.
  19. You want to get started in social media but you don’t know whether or not your efforts are working.
  20. You have an in house marketing team but they lack some specific skills that you need.
  21. Your in house marketing team or person is lacking in experience and could use some support.
  22. You struggle to keep up with the demand to publish regular fresh content on your website.
  23. You don’t have a marketing strategy in place and you don’t know how to create one.
  24. You’re inconsistent in your creation of email marketing campaigns, media releases and other promotional items.
  25. You don’t know whether your search engine marketing and advertising programs have been set up effectively.

With many business owners are busy (sound familiar?) and outsourcing to a marketing agency often makes a lot of sense and can bring rapid results and sustained growth.


About the Author:

Jo Macdermott is the Chief Marketing Consultant at Next Marketing in Melbourne. She has 15 years of marketing experience, is a Certified Practising Marketer and is a sought after marketing media commentator. Jo specialises in working with small and medium businesses. Follow her on Twitter here.

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