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Business reviews going mobile

Consumer business reviews via mobile have increased by 25 per cent in 12 months, according to a TrueLocal data report released today.

TrueLocal, the online business directory, released findings based on the website’s internal data from July 2013 – 14, finding a large increase in customers using mobile devices to communicate their thoughts on business services and conduct.

Apart from revealing a rise in on-the-go reviews, the findings revealed which services customers are most likely to review on their mobiles.

Hairdressers were found to be the most reviewed, followed by takeaways in second place and restaurants in third. Mechanics came in at number four.

The rise in mobile reviews comes down to the overall growth in mobile usage, Bradley Taylor, Head of Product at TrueLocal, tells Dynamic Business.

“We’re actually seeing more mobile traffic than desktop traffic at the moment,” Taylor says. “We’re seeing a deeper penetration of smartphone use, with more devices offering a wider range of applications.”

Taylor says the pressure on SMEs is ‘magnified’ on digital platforms.

“We feel that this pressure on businesses has always existed, but digital platforms now magnify what word of mouth has always done. People are constantly on the lookout for better services.”

Statistics released this year by communications agency Deepend revealed that 70 per cent of Australians own either a smartphone or tablet device, and that the average Australian spends more than an hour on a mobile device in the home each day.

Taylor says that SMEs on the search for customers should consider engaging consumers via mobile, and suggests a short and visual approach to attract users of the medium.

“Small businesses should consider that the mobile medium translates well with customers. Great images are an excellent way to communicate with customers what they’re about. To get customers interested further. Desktops allow for further description, giving customers company information and background, but that’s a time consuming element that mobile users simply don’t engage in. Small business wanting to attract mobile users should think short, sharp and snappy.”

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