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Canva, TikTok join businesses supporting flexible cervical cancer screening

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Canva and TikTok are among the growing number of companies supporting #ThePreventionPact, which aims to reverse the 45 per cent drop in cervical cancer screening rates in Australian in 2020.

Created by Australian healthtech platform HealthMatch in partnership with the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF), #ThePreventionPact aims to put cervical screening back on the priority list for busy women who may let it slip while juggling work, family and busy social lives.

With 80 per cent of all cervical cancer cases found in women overdue for a screening or who have never been screened, it’s imperative that companies and individuals get the word out, particularly as half of all Australian women are now overdue for a cervical cancer screening. 

Manuri Gunawardena, Founder and CEO of HealthMatch, has said the cervical cancer screening rater have dropped at an alarming rate, putting women of all ages at risk.

“There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has had an impact, forcing many Australian women to make their own health a low priority compared to juggling jobs, families and the ongoing concerns of the pandemic,” she said.

“Couple this with the fact that a third of women feel awkward or embarrassed, it’s no wonder going for a screening can often find its way to the bottom of the to do list.”

Canva, TikTok and Deputy are among the Australian and global companies encouraging their employees to prioritise screening and if needed, and providing them with 1.5 hours of flexible time to get their screening up to date. 

#ThePreventionPact also asks women to sign up three of their friends, families or colleagues for a screening, in an effort to end deaths from cervical cancer.

The campaign has been endorsed by Professor Ian Frazer – Australian of the Year 2006 – and co-inventor of the HPV vaccine which is currently being used worldwide to help prevent cervical cancer.

“Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers and a routine cervical screening is your best protection against it,” said Ms Gunawardena. “That’s why we have launched #ThePrevention Pact to encourage businesses across Australia to give employees time to have a screening, and for women to pass this commitment onto their friends and family.

“We hope companies, no matter how big or small, will join the pact to help women find time for what could be a life-saving appointment.” 

Leisa Ashton, Marketing & Communications Manager at the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation has highlighted the importance of wide-spread cervical cancer screening.

“Given this year’s events, it has never been more important to bring preventative cervical cancer screening front-of-mind and for Australians to catch up with all their health checks,” she said. “We are proud of our partnership with HealthMatch to launch #ThePreventionPact, as we strive towards an Australia effectively free of cervical cancer by 2035.”  

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Ellie Dudley
Ellie Dudley is a journalist at Dynamic Business with a background in the startup space and current affairs reporting. She has a specific interest in foreign investment and the Australian economy.