Social and community sector workers receive pay rise

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By Rhiannon Sawyer

Eligible businesses in the social and community sector would have received their first pay rise in December 2012 after the government’s ‘top up’ of employee wages.

Pay rises were given to workers in this sector from the Government’s $2.8 billion Pay Equity Special Account.

Eligible employers were given money to fund the pay rises in the sector, many going to women after Fair Work Australia’s ruling to provide pay equity to women in the community sector.

“This will make a real difference to the lives of social and community sector workers,” said Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Workplace Relations, Senator Jacinta Collins.

“Workers in this sector have challenging jobs, helping some of the most vulnerable in our community.”

Pay rises, which will total between 23 and 45 percent, will recognise the hard work that employees in the sector do.

“This pay rise is clear recognition of the important role social and community sector workers play in caring for our friends and family,” said Collins.


Are you a business in this sector that has received this pay rise? Tell us what it means to your business.

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