Woolworths expands Caltex alliance

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Woolworths Group has expanded on its alliance with Caltex across convenience, wholesale food, redemption, loyalty and fuel supply.

The alliance will increase the network of fuel sites where its customers can redeem their fuel discounts and earn Woolworths Rewards points, significantly expand Woolworths Group’s Metro convenience footprint, and lock in a competitive fuel price for the Woolworths petrol business for the future.

Woolworths’ four cents per litre fuel redemption offering will be expanded across 125 new sites within Caltex’s network, in addition to the 104 Caltex redemption sites that exist today. Customers will also earn Woolworths Rewards points on fuel and merchandise purchases at over 700 Caltex sites across Australia

Woolworths Group will commence a long-term wholesale food supply to over 700 existing Caltex convenience sites. Furthermore, Woolworths Group and Caltex will co-create and rollout a convenience offering under the Metro banner to up to 250 Caltex sites over the next six years with 50 sites planned over the next two years.

Woolworths Group has also signed a new 15-year wholesale fuel supply agreement with Caltex.

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