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Is Tradigital the new black?

One of biggest challenges facing marketing teams is deciding where to place marketing budgets across both traditional and digital media. Both are important elements in the marketing mix. We live in a multiple screen world, but those screens include both traditional and digital versions with customers moving through buying journeys on difference devices.

Tradigital, put simply, combines traditional and digital marketing platforms. It ensures you have a synergy of message across all channels, making it easy for your customers to buy from you in their preferred method.

Thinking tradigital, and not treating traditional and digital marketing as two separate channels, means you leverage your marketing message and content to create multiple touch points. Therefore, you gain more exposure for your brand, leading to more leads, sales and a higher customer engagement.

Many businesses feel like they are in a precarious position, feeling that if they stand still too long they will be left behind. They don’t really know how to move forward. But why do they have to decide on one or the other? Traditional media can provide mass reach and digital allows you to further segment, niche target and measure campaigns.

Marketers need to think of it as one channel, a communication and brand engagement channel, not as traditional and digital. These are simply the platforms to communicate with our audiences. Taking an integrated approach and leveraging marketing messages across channels will provide brands with a better ROI on their marketing spends, but support needs to come from the C Suite. This is due to the shift in thinking; it’s becoming a conversation that needs to occur across marketing, IT and brand managers.

Many brands just don’t know where to start integrating effectively. A good place to start is with education and an effective strategy that has clear action plans and accountabilities. Educating marketing teams and the C suite to shift their thinking to Tradigital will allow for a more personal and relevant experience to customers, and increased brand awareness and engagement with the brand.

So, the question is posed, is Tradigital the new black or simply just good business?


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Tradigital Strategist and COE (Chief of Everything) Tanya Williams is a leading expert on Tradigital Marketing at Digital Conversations. She collaborates with clients to navigate the often overwhelming digital world and works with them to leverage this across traditional marketing channels to drive leads, sales & brand engagement. Her mantra is never let anyone dull your sparkle.

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