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5 things to remember when sending networking emails

Attending events and swapping business cards is one thing but making real connections is another. After an event, stay relevant by sending a follow-up email to the people you met. Even if you don’t think they are a potential client or customer, they may pass on connections that are.

  • Remind them who you are and how you met.
  • Invite them to take an interest in your business.
  • Be friendly and take an interest in their business or role.
  • Do not send a mass, generic follow-up email to everyone you met.
  • Do not put everyone’s email address onto your mailing list.
Adeline Teoh
Adeline Teoh is a journalist with more than a decade of publishing experience in the fields of business, education, travel, health, and project management. She has specialised in business since 2003.