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Part-time work overshadows the 9 to 5

Interest in part-time employment is dramatically increasing, as the cost of living escalates and full-time work becomes more difficult to find.

A recent Labour Report found the amount of people seeking part-time work is almost double to those searching for full time. Figures show part-time employment now makes up 30 percent of the workforce with full-time work steadily decreasing.

These numbers shouldn’t be a surprise, according to HireMeUp.com.au co-founder Allison Baker. She believes the past monthly figures have pointed to an increase in part-time employment for a while.

“Part-time work is not just for the unskilled teenager during the holidays anymore,” she said.

Baby boomers, parents and students are the three largest groups looking for employment through HireMeUp.com.au.

Baker says these groups tend to rely more on part-time employment due to their social and financial situations. Parents require a work/life balance, retirees need to maintain an income due to depleted superannuation funds and students are experiencing an increase in education and living costs.

Companies and employers are also changing their view on the full-time, 9-5 work tradition, acknowledging that it may no longer be beneficial or appeal to everyone. HireMeUp’s recent survey revealed that 35-50 percent of jobs advertised by companies were for part-time, casual, or project roles.

“We talk to employers all the time who simply can’t afford to employ full-time workers…They need the skills and expertise of good people but only want them when they need them. They simply can’t afford them full time,” Baker said.

A permanent part-timer herself, Baker and her business partner started HireMeUp to make the part-time job search and part-time employee search easier.

“There is a wealth of talented Australians out there who can’t or don’t want full-time employment and there’s plenty of employers out there looking for quality, skilled candidates who want flexible roles. We’ve created somewhere for them to connect.”

Melissa Perreault
Melissa is Loyalty Media's Production Co-ordinator, who also has a degree in Journalism and moonlights as an occasional writer for Dynamic Business. She hails from Canada, but now calls Sydney home.