Pay-per-use platform cuts recruitment costs

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By Lorna Brett

Designed to assist SMBs tired of recruiting themselves but who are unable to afford the cost of agencies, pay-per-use platform RecruitLoop has just launched in Australia.

RecruitLoop moves away from the traditional agency model by offering employers flexible recruitment support at an hourly rate, to potentially cut the cost of recruiting by up to 80 percent. Its online platform allows for recorded video interviews – a technology first for Australia.

The RecruitLoop business model focuses on two global trends – the efficiencies behind freelancing and the pain that recruitment means for most businesses.

RecruitLoop Co-Founder Garry Vistonay said his goal is simple – to deliver stress-free recruitment to employers.

“This means solving all the problems they associate with it –  cost, time, quality and risk. In these uncertain times, businesses need all the help they can get.”

Visontay is also the Managing Director of an award-winning national corporate services business and has been highly involved with a number of successful Australian start-ups, and he developed RecruitLoop after experiencing the pain in recruiting first hand.

“Even as a successful medium-sized business we could never justify the cost of using a traditional recruitment agency. I always used an individual consultant who would help me recruit for an hourly rate. This was the seed of the business idea.”

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