The biggest hiring mistake you’ll ever make

woman in a job interview, sitting face-to-face with three interviewers

Let a good one get away? That’s a bad mistake but not the worst. Here’s the one that trumps all the rest.

We’ve all hired people we just knew would be superstars… who turned out to be duds. And we’ve all passed on people who turned out to be superstars at another company. (If you’re like me, you regret the ones you let get away more than the ones you had to let go.)

Big mistakes? Sure—but not the biggest hiring mistake. Here’s the biggest hiring mistake you can make:

Failing to follow up with and provide closure to every person who applies for a job.

Unfortunately it’s a mistake most companies make. “According to our research, approximately 94 percent of the people who apply for a job don’t get closure,” says John Younger, founder and CEO of Accolo, a cloud recruiting solutions provider. “And we’ve yet to meet a job seeker, hiring manager, recruiter, or company who feels that figure is off.”

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