v2food launched in Drakes News
v2food makes supermarket debut in Drakes

Australian plant-based meat startup v2food today announced its long-awaited supermarket debut. v2food is a new, innovative Australian company committed to making delicious food that is good for the planet. Developed with over 100 years of CSIRO food & science research and with powerful collaborations within the food industry, v2food will play a pivotal role in Read More…

The Informer
mature workers Media Releases
Employers can’t afford to axe mature workers

In this current era of economic adversity, it does not make sense for employers to overlook mature aged workers – because their resilience and experience provides valuable inputs for businesses, according to Flinders University Human Resources and Management expert Dr Valerie Caines. Dr Caines and colleagues have warned employers not to make hasty decisions in Read More…

Small Business
Amanda Siqueira on her business start up Featured | Startup
Taking a phased approach to founding a startup

Leaving the corporate world to start your own business can be daunting enough. But choosing to embark on a new career in the high-growth, fast-paced and innovation-driven technology startup scene is a whole other ball game.  For many, it’s exciting and every day is a learning curve with new opportunities to grow or pivot your Read More…

culture at work Featured | Let's Talk
Let’s talk: Keeping the culture

Culture is often talked about as one of the most important things to ensure a successful company. Without a positive work culture, employees are understandably less motivated, inspired and productive, leading to a loss in sales and growth further down the line. Start-ups are renowned for having a great culture. Their agility gives them the Read More…