Scott Morrison, PM of Australia, on JobMaker plan and skills training for economy and economic success News
JobMaker plan to get economy “out of the ICU”

Yesterday, in an announcement, Scott Morrison revealed a ‘JobMaker’ plan to strengthen and grow the economy post-lockdown by focussing on equipping Australians with in-demand skills, assisting key industries such as manufacturing, working on a new tax system and more. He said that the emergency stimulus measures had kept the economy going but that it was Read More…

The Informer
business trends from covid-19 such as ecommerce Featured | Media Releases
6 business trends to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic

Lawpath has collected data from the 130,000 businesses that their legal platform to determine 6 strong business trends that have taken off in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since March this year, the business landscape as we know it has shifted dramatically to something unrecognisable – CBDs are empty and shopping centres deserted. Government shutdowns, Read More…

Small Business
sales teams and sales leader during COVID-19 Small Business
Tips for sales teams in the COVID-19 crisis

With COVID-19 face to face selling is over, at least temporarily, and this means that sales teams and sales leaders have to adapt their approach, offering and technique to a digital world. Selling doesn’t sound easy during a pandemic, but it is still happening and essential, so all is not lost. Although it is true Read More…

failure as a good thing for leaders Expert
Why business leaders should demand (some) failure

Success does not come without failure. The two exist in symbiosis, and rather than perpetually fearing the latter, it should be embraced as a necessary part of the journey. That’s what we’ve learnt from some of the most innovative companies today.  From early on, we’re programmed to shun failure and view it as a negative Read More…


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