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App keeps franchisees out of the dog house

With the use of tablets continuing to rise, more SMB owners are looking at how they can use them to effectively conduct business.

The productivity of a PC and the freedom of a tablet

Combining the productivity of a notebook PC and the convenience of a media tablet, the revolutionary Samsung ATIV Smart PCPro features a unique, convertible design that allows creations, even when on the go.

Amazon launches iPad competitor tablet

Amazon has finally revealed its hotly anticipated iPad competitor, today launching the Kindle Fire and using the opportunity to take a swipe at the premium price of Apple’s products.

Kogan planning $200 iPad competitor

Ruslan Kogan of Kogan Technology has demonstrated a prototype tablet device to compete with Apple's iPad that is expected to cost only $200. The tablet...

Returning to your business after an absence

If you've had an extended absence from work, developing a personalised ‘return to work’ plan gives you a sense of control over your hours, duties and the support will best meet your needs.

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Receives Approval in Australia

The vaccine, which has been approved for individuals 16 years of age and older, is currently expected to begin a rollout in late February.

Google and Facebook challenge news bargaining code in Senate inquiry

Facebook and Google took Australian media head-on in a Senate inquiry by Australia’s competition watchdog on Friday, 22nd January.

President Biden vows to unify a deeply divided nation

Joe Biden called for unity and an end to misinformation as he was sworn in as the 46th President of the United...

What’s your plan if you need time off work?

Sickness, injury and other life events that require extended time off work can happen at any time. When you own a business...

South Australia announces ‘flagship’ space mission with 2021 satellite launch

South Australia has announced plans to launch a low-orbit satellite, becoming the first state government to do so. The...

Let’s Talk: Pivoting

Business was hit hard during the pandemic. However a number of businesses who successfully changed their strategy have managed to not only...

Social and economic costs from COVID-19 to persist long after the pandemic, says World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2021 has unveiled an alarming risk outlook of short-term healthcare battles and long-term environmental...