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UK IT giant to create 600 Jobs in Ballarat Victoria

Vertex, a UK IT giant will set up Australian operations in Ballarat Victoria after John Brumby’s Government reportedly paid the company an undisclosed sum to set up there.

Vertex BallaratVertex will set up Australian operations in Ballarat to provide IT services to local businesses, creating 600 local jobs for the regional Victorian city. Vertex is an international company with headquarters in London UK, with large regional offices in both Texas USA and Gurgaon India and currently employs 8,000 people.

Vertex’s Ballarat customer service centre will open in September, employ 600 people and inject $15 million into the Victorian economy according to Victorian Premier John Brumby.

“Vertex has chosen Ballarat as the location for this project because they believe that this city has got the right skills, the right demographic mix to ensure its success,” he is reported to have said at the opening by the ABC.

Premier John Brumby would not disclose the amount the Victorian State Government paid Vertex to convince the company to move to Ballarat, however Vertex’s Australian CEO Phil Allan ruled out the States Financial incentives as having any material impact on the company’s decision to establish operations in Ballarat.

“It had no bearing on the fact that Vertex would come to Ballarat, based on grants,”  Phil Allan is reported to have said.

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