Jason Eisner

Jason Eisner has 20 years of strategic marketing and operations experience in senior management and consulting roles. Jason has a Bachelor of Commerce from UNSW and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago, learning from the marketing guru Dr Philip Kotler. He has worked in the US with Andersen/Accenture and The Cambridge Group (a Chicago and New York based boutique marketing strategy company) and in Australia with many small and large businesses. Jason is known for his strategic and lateral thinking.

Are you putting your customers first?

Most successful companies and organisations have a very good idea of who their customers are.

Why tough times can be good times for smart marketers

We’re now firmly in the middle of unpredictable external economic factors, so it’s time to give focus and quality attention to the areas we can control to ensure we’re planning for future success.

To discount or not to discount?

With unemployment increasing and business closures a daily event, many businesses are turning to discounting in order to lure the customers in. But is this actually the right thing to do?

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