Let’s Talk
  • March 27 2019 Let’s talk: Generational Gap

    How can we show the value that millennials bring to the work place? With millennials (currently people aged around 23-37) starting to fill up the majority of work spaces, there is a definite change of culture that is shifting the way businesses operate, work and think. A desire for flexibility, autonomy and social inclusion brings Read More…

  • March 20 2019 Let’s Talk: Social Media

    How can small businesses make the most of social media?  Now, more than ever, small and medium businesses are using social media to engage with their customers and build brand awareness. According to Kaylie Smith, Director of SMB for Australia and New Zealand, Instagram and Facebook; more than 80 per cent of people on Instagram Read More…

  • March 12 2019 Let’s Talk: Flexibility

    How can more ‘traditional’ leaders see the value in flexible working? Flexible working arrangements is not a new concept, yet why are so many ‘traditional’ leaders reluctant to embrace it? Technological advances and cloud based software allows employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world and at a time that suits them, thus allowing Read More…

  • March 6 2019 Let’s Talk: Word of mouth

    What is the best strategy to get referrals and new business Trust is a key factor in growing a business and one of the most important strategies for gaining word of mouth referrals.  In todays fast past society, product reviews and experiences are only a click a way, which is why businesses must make their Read More…

  • February 27 2019 Let’s Talk: The Startup Generation

    How do we ensure that the startup market doesn’t become saturated? In less than 10 years, Australia has experienced a startup explosion with innovative entrepreneurs founding some of Australia’s most exciting and successful businesses. And with one of the world’s strongest economies, Australia is home to a thriving startup ecosystem, but how do we ensure Read More…

  • February 19 2019 Let’s Talk: Raising Capital

    How to get investors to sit-up and listen. Entrepreneurialism is thriving in Australia and according to Forbes.com 35 per cent of Australian startups are based in Sydney followed by 14 per cent in Melbourne and 9 per cent in Brisbane. So, when it comes to seeking investors, competition is fierce. According to co-founder of BenchOn, Tim Read More…

  • February 12 2019 Let’s Talk: Staff Motivation

    How to motivate staff to ensure they’re giving your business all they’ve got. Let’s face it; staff motivation is one of the biggest challenges for employers today.  And yet, surprisingly, money is not the main influence when it comes to keeping staff motivated.  In fact, several business leaders agree that staff development, well-being and a Read More…

  • February 5 2019 Let’s Talk: Business

    Best tips and tricks to get the New Year off to a roaring start New Year’s Resolutions aren’t for everyone but there was a common theme among our Let’s Talk business leaders as they tackle the start of 2019 – goal setting and investing in staff retention and training.  For these savvy business owners, the Read More…

  • November 28 2018 Let’s Talk: Future-proofing

    Dynamic Business asked founders what their businesses are doing to make sure they are future proof.

  • November 20 2018 Let’s Talk: Resilience

    We asked experts how they have been tested in business.

  • November 13 2018 Let’s Talk: Heroes

    Who inspired you in business.

  • November 7 2018 Let’s Talk: Marketing

    What is the right balance between traditional and digital marketing?

  • October 29 2018 Let’s Talk: Startup Ecosystem

    What qualities Australia should seek to embrace from overseas?

  • October 23 2018 Let’s Talk: Social Media

    Experts discuss the biggest social media mistakes.

  • October 16 2018 Let’s Talk: Risks

    Should you take that risk?