Andrew Laurie, serial entrepreneur, reveals non-negotiable traits of business owners

Andrew Laurie

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By Loren Webb

Today our podcast guest is Andrew Laurie, whose business expertise comes from a career as a salesperson, as a CEO, as an entrepreneur and as a business coach.

After a serious accident, Andrew set his life and business ambitions – literally from the hospital bed – and he has systematically ticked them off since then.

Andrew has fantastic insights and advice from his experiences that we delve into in the interview.

We go through:

  • Where to start with setting your goals (tip: start with personal goals, and business goals will follow…)
  • How to reverse engineer and know what steps will get you there
  • The non-negotiable traits of a business owners (there’s two… and a half – in Andrew’s experience)
  • Avoiding the impatience and frustration of founding and growing a business… how to keep a positive mindset and move forwards
  • The biggest challenges facing business owners (there’s one that Andrew sees time and time again)
  • How to overcome said challenges

As promised, we have linked to Andrew’s contributed articles here which covers these topics in more detail. You can connect with Andrew, or learn more here.

Don’t forget you can listen to the Dynamic Business podcast on Apple podcasts or Spotify from your phone, anytime.

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