Marketing expert and business founder Laura Craig’s tips for small business

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By Loren Webb

In this latest episode of the Dynamic Business Podcast, we speak with marketing expert Laura Craig.

Laura founded her own company, Vivo Marketing, three years ago. We found out more about the journey of building up her business and her decision to sell 50% of Vivo Marketing to a larger organisation recently. In the interview, we go through all of the ups and downs, the motivation behind it all and the lessons learned – all so that we can share them with you! 

We specifically focus on digging up the main tips for how small businesses can make the most of their marketing budget – especially in the early days when you’re juggling multiple projects and aren’t sure where to even start with marketing!

Laura has fantastic insights about where businesses often go wrong, and shares her advice on what is working for them right now (big hint: don’t underestimate LinkedIn!)

Over the span of her career, Laura has worked with clients such as Ben & Jerry’s, Lipton Hot Tea, Dove, Rexona and Streets and managed over $50M in media spend. She is also an industry speaker with over 13 years of experience across corporate and start-up marketing.

Vivo Marketing aims to help businesses fill the gap when they get to a point where they need a Marketing Director…but not full time.

Listen in below, or catch up on your phone on Apple podcasts or Spotify.

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