Dimmi founder Stevan Premutico on choosing his next startup idea – that’s already taken off

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By Loren Webb

In this Dynamic Business podcast episode, we speak to Stevan Premutico about the struggles of a startup journey, his learnings in founding and growing Dimmi and his new venture me&u (including why he chose to pursue it, instead of his other 33 ideas!)

Stevan is one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs. In 2007, in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, he conceptualised Dimmi on the back of a napkin and went on to revolutionise the Aussie restaurant industry.  

In 2015, his startup was acquired by one of the great tech businesses of our time, TripAdvisor. Now, Stevan is back at it again with his next startup me&u which is set to change the way we order & pay in cafes, bars & restaurants across the country.

Since launching in July 2019, there are already hundreds of venues signed up with me&u.

Stevan has some fantastic stories to share and crucial advice for anyone either in the startup phase, someone who has a small business and is looking to grow or for a person who is looking to found a business in the near future.

We discuss:

  • how you know pursuing an idea is right
  • what the motivation should be behind building your business
  • the struggles of rejection in the early stages
  • how to spend your first round of capital
  • how and why to take care of your mental health as a founder
  • more great insights from Stevan’s entrepreneur ventures

As promised, you can find out more about me&u here or connect with Stevan. You can also find this podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify on your mobile, by either searching “Dynamic Business” or our guest’s name, so you can now listen in from anywhere!

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