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Marketing as a startup with a tight budget

“You must spend money to make money”, said Titus Plautus, a Roman playwright from the BC era. This quote that has stood the test...

5 Tips to create a debt killer budget

Ever wonder why some people get ahead, buy a car, buy a house and go on fantastic holidays while you continually struggle to make...

A look at the business benefits of the humble budget

The word “budget” can evoke a range of different feelings: dread and disappointment or pride, a sense of direction and achievement. However you might feel about them, the truth of the matter is budgets are a highly underrated business tool.

How to manage your own accounts: Five steps

Working for yourself means not only do you need to market your products and services and bring in new business, but you also need to manage your own financial accounts. You have to keep on top of the money coming in and out if you want to survive the first year in business. These five tips will help.

How a financial roadmap can improve profit and cashflow

The lead up to the end of the financial year is a great time to understand how well your business has performed this past year, and what your targets are for the next year. This is where a financial roadmap, which incorporates a budget and a cashflow forecast, comes in handy.

How shorter budget cycles lead to business success

The budget is the single most important management tool most businesses have. But when the budgeting process drags out, it becomes a painful waste of time. Here's the case for creating a tight, focused budget process that takes no more than three to four weeks.

Managing cash flow

In the latest of his regular columns, Rob Lamers shares his expertise on managing cash flow with SME owners. It’s a common misconception that success...

Looking Good: Updating Your Store

Thinking about updating the look of your store, or planning your first store? Before you rush off to the designer, shopfitter, or get out...