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Why you should back up your data

Sadly, you never know when a natural disaster such as fire, flooding or an earthquake is going to strike. Consider the Queensland floods way back in 2011. Not only did hundreds of homeowners lose their prized possessions, but hundreds of business owners were also affected too. It’s far easier to start again once your business data has been backed up, rather than having to build your empire up from scratch. So if you hadn’t previously considered the importance of completing regular data backups, or perhaps you didn’t think they were necessary, then you could be putting your company at increased risk.

You could compare data backups to skipping regular checks to the dentist – it’s like that niggling toothache or gum pain that just won’t go away. Failing to complete regular backups is like failing to floss, you are increasing the risk of plaque building up. Whereas completing a data back up is similar to ensuring that your teeth get a much needed clean, as you get rid of all the superfluous information that you no longer need and make sure that important data is kept safe and secure, well out of harm’s way.

Personal data

Just think for a moment how much you use the Internet on a daily basis. From logging in to your banking app to browsing online, you enter personal information and passwords several times a day – more depending on your social media use. You could risk losing all your personal data, such as photos and files, in an instant. It could even be a result of spilling your coffee or damaging your laptop that means you lose years of valued information. So, if you don’t want to lose all those precious memories, then make sure that you back up your personal data. Online storage solutions, such as the cloud, are a good alternative for small businesses and personal data storage.

Data is an important asset

Not only is your personal data important, but any information or files related to your business need to be backed up and safely stored too. If this information falls into the wrong hands, or is leaked, then you risk more than a fine. In fact, you could even lose long-term customers and face legal action too. Companies such as Secure Data Recovery can help complete vital computer evidence recovery in the event of crime or negligence. However, it’s up to you to make sure that you don’t become the next victim of cyber crime. Store confidential information off-site and be sure to brief employees as to when and why they should be completing thorough backups.

Backing up your data is as important as keeping good oral hygiene. Just as you regularly visit the dentist, you should complete regular data backups too. It’s important that you keep copies of both personal and business-related data for your own safety, security and peace of mind. Failing to keep your data backed up and correctly stored will result in a headache in the long term. So make sure that you change your habits if you aren’t following this vital step.

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