Tradies move to the cloud

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By Gina Baldassarre

Forget the stereotypical image of a plumber or electrician you have in mind – these days tradies are getting technical.

Laser Group, an electrical and plumbing contractor network operating across Australia and New Zealand, is making the move to the cloud. They’ve recently developed Laser Pro Enterprise, a total operating system that helps members work faster and smarter.

Steve Keil, managing director of Laser Group, said the company liked the concept of getting into the cloud.

“We know it’s a painful process having to go from one system to the other, but people using the product now have gotten comfortable with it,” Keil said.

Laser Pro Enterprise was developed with simPRO, and allows users to streamline the managing of the back end of their business. This includes helping them send and monitor employees out on jobs and processing timesheets.

The software went through a pilot with select members before Laser began rolling it out across its network.

“We’ve now got 70 per cent of members using it, and we’re planning to get the rest by the end of this calendar year,” Keil said.

Laser Pro Enterprise is just one part of Laser’s cloud strategy. It’s being used along with Google Apps for Business and Xero Accounting, meaning members are operating wholly in the cloud.

However, Keil said they’re not stopping there. Laser Group is also planning on developing and incorporating new software to assist members with HR and health and safety in the workplace.

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