Mums supporting mums: flexible working hours

Kayla Mossuto, founder of Crema Joe

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By Loren Webb

For mums, the decision to head back to work after having a baby comes with some big considerations and mixed emotions. How do you continue giving your child the very best and feel fulfilled in your work life?

The answer is different for every mum. But one common thread is the call for part time, flexible working hours. It gives mothers the opportunity to work, while also allowing time to be there for special moments at Kinder or school.

It’s not just mums that benefit from flexible work hours – mums are proving to be more productive employees, giving businesses a big return on investment.

While it may not come as a surprise, research is now supporting the fact that mothers have better time management skills and a natural ability to multitask effectively.

Business owner, Kayla Mossuto, is recognising this valuable portion of the workforce by creating a flexible work environment with the needs of her staff in mind.

Kayla owns and operates a growing online social start-up that sells eco-friendly coffee pods and other sustainable coffee machine accessories. As a mother herself, Kayla understands, firsthand, the challenges women face when juggling work and family life.

Kayla says, “I know how important flexible work options were for me when looking at returning to work, and I’m grateful that I can now offer that to other mums.”

 “My aim is to build a business that is focused on doing ‘social good’, and it’s so rewarding to have this opportunity to give back and support such an important group within our community.” 

“It’s often mum who manages the lion’s share of household chores and ferrying the kids around. But it’s still important for many women to have something for themselves and contribute to the household financially. Being a mum takes dedication, patience and incredible organisational skills – all values of a fantastic employee.”

A UK study has identified that flexible work hours actually helps prevent women from dropping out of the workforce after having their first child. This is not only beneficial for the economy, but it can be the ideal scenario for both employees and small business owners, particularly in the start-up phase.

Kayla adds, As a start-up, we simply don’t have the budget for full time staff, so it’s win-win. Part time roles suit our business model and we know that our team is going to be much more fulfilled and productive when their needs are met. It’s a great balance and everyone is happy.”

“We believe that many businesses would benefit by fostering a better balance between work and family. As small business owners, we have the chance to make a big impact and continue promoting the move away from the nine-to-five business model, which, can often lead to reduced productivity and lower staff morale.”

“Mums are the ultimate jugglers and show real commitment to their jobs, and this is certainly the case for our team of working mums here at Crema Joe! We work hard and love what we do, but we are also able to be there for our kids and that’s what matters most. That’s what life is really about.”


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