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Why business leaders should demand (some) failure

Success does not come without failure. The two exist in symbiosis, and rather than perpetually fearing the latter, it should be embraced as a...

Managing stress during COVID-19

There are many reasons why business leaders are stressed - from having to let people go, to revenue streams drying up, to chasing customers...

In business management, it’s important to know when to say ‘no’

Saying yes to every opportunity that presents itself can be tempting for the ambitious, but it’s those that master the ability to say ‘no’...

Only 5% of SME owners able to ‘truly’ take holidays

New research reveals that one in two SME owners haven’t taken a break from their business in over six months. 49% of SME owners...

Tips and tools for streamlining your accounts

It’s has become much easier for business leaders to streamline their accounts and financial processes. Here are some tips and tools to get you started. With many...

Why three brains are better than one

You may be familiar with the expression, ‘Two brains are better than one’? Well, imagine if you had three. The good news is you...

Start talking before pitching

Social networks are a forum for business leaders to demonstrate that they are leaders - using their expertise to help the community with advice and guidance.

6 infallible ways to earn respect

There's no management tool more important than respect. Here's how to make sure you're getting it.

Managers, you need to make friends with authority

The ways we perceive powerful figures in our lives can actually shape our own leadership style. Here are some fresh ways to think about your relationship to authority.

Can you evolve from control freak to emotionally intelligent leader?

As your company grows, you can transition from startup entrepreneur to coach and mentor. Hint: It starts with trust.

Rural small businesses given boost through PayPal and Buy From the Bush ecommerce platform

Paypal and Buy From the Bush (BFTB) have launched an online marketplace for rural small businesses to expand their reach through ecommerce.

‘Young people have been disproportionately affected’: Taj Pabari

Taj Pabari is the CEO of the Australian School of Entrepreneurship (ASE), was named the Australian Young Innovator of the Year in...

Let’s Talk: Success Secrets

Success looks different for each business. There is a huge variety in the business models that we hold up as success stories....

Unfair dismissal claim against Deliveroo may have widespread consequences for the gig economy

A former rider for Deliveroo has taken the food-delivery service to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) in an unfair dismissal case.

Buy now, pay later made easy for SMEs as Zip partners with Visa, Apple, Google

Zip has announced its partnership with Visa, Apple and Google to allow many more small businesses to accept buy now, pay later...

Meet the woman behind the digital support network for regional businesses

Jordana Edwards has lived in Pottsville in regional New South Wales for the last 15 years. The town of just 6000 people...

Australia’s unemployment rate is creeping up but the real danger is underemployment

Australia’s unemployment rate increased to 6.9 per cent in September, however Australians should be focusing on another more troubling labour statistic.

Helping Australian businesses through COVID-19

As we continue to navigate the impacts of the global pandemic, Export Finance Australia is supporting Australian businesses with access to finance.  Without a doubt, new...