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Science, art or corporate fad? What does an executive coach do… and do you need one?

In 2005 I received a call from my best friend who was attending a Coaching Psychology Conference held at the University of Sydney. She...

How businesses can address low engagement levels amongst their millennial employees

Millennials crave a clear career path, mentoring, training and other learning opportunities. Millennials, defined as those aged in their 30s and below, now make...

Command and control style leadership will become kryptonite as your business scales

It’s a familiar tale: a small business gets off to a flying start…and then growth stalls. Sales plateau, staff morale falls and the company’s...

Brisbane mum taking coaching industry online

A Sunshine Coast mum is taking Australia’s multi-million dollar coaching industry to the net, launching one of the world’s first e-platforms for coaches in a variety of fields.

An inkling that paid off

After travelling the world as a classical singer in her teens, followed by stints as an academic and management consultant, Dr Gemma Munro eventually found her dream career.

The entrepreneur transforming corporate life

After spending almost 10 years in corporate HR feeling unhappy and overworked, entrepreneur Kelly Fischl resigned and forged her own path in business taking HR to a brand new level.

How a life challenge inspired business resilience

As the founder of a life-coaching business, Geraldine Moran knows how to motivate people to achieve their goals. But while she was helping others move forward, she also had her own challenges to overcome.

The benefits of adopting a coaching culture

According to research, businesses enjoy an average ROI of 700 percent from coaching programs. Now, imagine the strength of your business results if your leadership teams were also coaching their teams effectively and your organisation adopted a coaching culture.

Why coaching doesn’t work

Anyone who has been in the workforce over the last ten years is likely to have heard the word ‘coaching' being used to describe the skills managers use to support staff.

WA Coach-A-Thon for the Heart – Free event

Coach-a-thon is a uniquely West Australian event that sees hundreds of people participate in a frenzy of free, professional coaching.